Friday, May 27, 2016

Meditating with Cupcakes!

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I spent small amounts of time over the past several days coloring this adorable cupcake page from artist Cheri Shull's book, Karleigh Sue's Doodle Therapy.

As I was coloring, I realized just how relaxing this was. I mean, I completely got in the "zone." It's the feeling when you're doing something so relaxing, the world around you seems to disappear... problems are non-existent, time completely stops, and your only focus is the pretty colors on the paper beneath your hand.

I realized that this is the reason why so many people love to color mandalas. The designs on mandalas are repetitive in nature, and it's that repetitiveness that creates a zen-like feeling. Much like how monks repeat the same words or phrases over and over in their daily prayers, and they report having mystical experiences during these sessions!

Don't try this at home.

While I'm not an expert on the mind-body connection, I do know that the key to effective meditation is repetitiveness. Repetitively pulling your thoughts back to one single awareness, or repeating the same mantra over and over until all other thoughts are washed away brings about effective, calming meditation experiences. With repetitive coloring, we're essentially meditating! Or, in the very least, setting the stage for a meditative experience.

Meditation is healthy for anyone from any walk of life, and it is highly recommended by psychologists around the world. Take a moment to notice the calm, peaceful mindfulness you feel while coloring repetitive pictures and mandalas. Notice how your mind seems to be clear of any bothersome or demanding thoughts or stresses. You have achieved meditation!

I encourage everyone to do a little bit of research about simple, easy ways to incorporate meditation into your daily life. It's much easier than you might think - it is not religious or spiritual (unless you want it to be), it doesn't require you to follow any sort of uncomfortable schedule or regimen, and you don't have to sit in weird yoga positions while you do it! And best of all, you can do it ANY TIME. It's an exercise of the mind, and you are in total control!

When you're done, enjoy a cupcake! You've earned it!

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