Monday, May 16, 2016

Imagery From Beyond: A Messages From Beyond Coloring Book (Volumes 1 & 2) by Alice Best Jackson & Dennis Jackson

I first became interested in the work of Alice Best Jackson and Dennis Jackson when I attended a day-long online artist's showcase event. Alice was one of the featured artists during this event, and the interesting abstract images caught my eye. That evening following the event, I spent some time reading about Alice and Dennis, the story of how they came together, and the incredible talents they hold. I listened to some of their podcast recordings, and was enthralled!

Alice holds the incredible gift of intuitive drawing. With these drawings, she created a book (Volume 1), along with the second one months later (Volume 2). The images are each unique, and everyone tends to see different things upon looking at them. It's this awesome interaction that allows the colorist to define each image as their own with color!

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In the front of this book, you'll find Dennis and Alice's own description of the art, short biographies, and a message to the colorist.

Each image page in this book is followed by another page with the same image in greyscale, along with an overlay of positive affirmation words, meant to keep the colorist inspired. Every page is single-sided to allow the colorist to use any medium they choose without ruining anything on the other side.

Sample from Vol. 1

Sample from Vol. 1

With over 60 pages to color, you will be able to enjoy and this book for a long time! Click here to purchase this book from Amazon: Imagery From Beyond, Volume 1

Volume 2

Front and back covers of Vol. 2

In the second book you'll find more drawings, only this time they are framed with borders that you can color as well. These designs have more Zendoodle and other designs within them, which make them fun and sometimes whimsical...

Is she dancing?

In addition to the 40 single-sided abstract designs, we also find a bunch of bonus pages! These pages contain various words and phrases that can be used as greeting cards, or whatever your heart desires. There are even some "empty" frames to draw your own designs!

Bonus greeting page
Bonus "blank" frame page
The bonus borders can also be used as a frame or matte for 5x7" photos, for use in an 8x10" frame.
In fact, all of the pages in this book are 8x10" and look stunning in one of the inexpensive all-glass frames you can find for sale just about anywhere!

Book 2 is the perfect coloring book for those times when you're not sure what you'd like to color. It always ensures you'll create something interesting! Click here to buy this book from Amazon: Imagery From Beyond, Volume 2


I strongly encourage everyone to check out Alice and Dennis' website and be fascinated by their incredible story. Their website is or (both sites take you to the same page).

Here are more resources to learn more about Alice and Dennis Jackson, their story, and these amazing coloring books:

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