Sunday, September 25, 2016

Shoe Lovers REJOICE!! A coloring book just for you!

As a shoe hoarder lover, Shoe-dles by Patricia Burke was on my must-have list the moment I heard about it! From page to page, you feel like you're shopping for shoes - and let's face it, for us shoe addicts, that's a ton of fun!

This collection of shoes is like a museum. You see the old Victorian-style lace up boot, the classic Mary Janes, the summer favorite - flip-flops - and everything in between. There are highly glamorous styles, simple and modern styles, and even some wildly crazy styles that make my feet ache just looking at them! The doodle art in each shoe is consistent throughout the entire design, so it's truly relaxing to color these with their repetitive lines.

I couldn't choose a favorite to color first, so I had the boyfriend choose. He literally just opened the book to a random page and handed it back to me. The result of that highly sophisticated system of choosing just the right picture is attached below. It was SO fun to color! I imagined all the different places I would wear these, and thought about shoes of my own that were somewhat similar to these in the past. Now I wish I owned this very shoe and its mate!

The single-sided pages in this book are medium weight, so, use a blotter sheet or plastic beneath each page if you use a wet medium such as markers or watercolors. The 32 designs range from fairly easy to more detailed and complex, giving everyone something to color. There is lots of white/empty space surrounding each shoe, so the more artistic person can easily add their own doodles or backgrounds if they so please.

Overall, this is a fantastic book for any shoe-lover. This would make an excellent gift for any shoe fanatic. Just pick up this book and a box of colored pencils, and BOOM: the perfect gift!

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